…and now for something (deliciously) different…

Beef, chicken, pork, pasta, *sigh*

“Hmmm” says T, “how about lamb chops?”

Cab, Merlot, Bordeaux blend…”Wait, where’s that bottle of Cabernet Franc?”

Medium rare, two-bite lamb chops are a decadent departure from everyday eating, and something this decidedly divergent deserves a deliciously different wine: Spring Valley Katherine Corkram Cabernet Franc.

KatherineWe discovered this pairing at last May’s Taste Washington event. Already fans of Spring Valley’s Bordeaux blend Frederick, we politely sampled the Cab Franc on offer. The heady violet scent was intriguing, but it was the sweet spice on the palette and long blueberry finish that had me racing back to the Hoist House table for another bite of shaved leg of lamb with huckleberry reduction. Cab Franc and lamb. Who knew?

And what a lovely Cab Franc Katherine Corkram is, showcasing deep layers of fruit and beautiful balance. The tannins are perfect for the silky, baby-fat lamb chops.

Washington state growers plant less than a thousand acres of Cabernet Franc compared to more than 10,000 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon. Spring Valley makes the most of the grape – usually a blending component – as a varietal.

Katherine is a Walla Walla beauty that graces meat dishes, but absolutely sings with lamb. A tasty departure from steak and Cab.

Katherine Corkram Cabernet Franc List $50.00

Dinner guests might enjoy a bit of Spring Valley history. There’s a nice one here:





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